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New project!


My life could have taken a lot of different directions. I thought about trying to be an animator, a caricature artist, a writer or a math teacher. As luck would have it, I ended up being a math tutor and the owner of Tutor Delphia.  While the other jobs may sound more fun, I can't complain about how things worked out. But, with this project, I'm bringing back my creative side.

This upcoming webcomic will be about aliens, math and being a high school teenager. I am working with various artists and commissioning work as I search for a partner to draw the comic. The comic below is drawn by the very talented Lindsey (but she is unable to commit to the full project due to prior commitments). All math that appears in the comic will be explained by the comic or right beneath it. My goal is that if you read the comic you will be better prepared for the Math part of the SAT (while forgetting that you are studying for the SAT).

The following is a sample of how the comic may look. Character design, layouts and everything are not final...this is just a test run. For those studying for grammar on the SAT see if you can catch the mistake! 

Click for the full size.

Comic Math's new comic about being a high schooler, preparing for the SAT and math.


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